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What if we could punch a hole right through the multi-billion dollar "website retargeting"​ industry

That's right, we said what we said!

While retargeting your website visitors is a great method of driving conversions according to many studies, it is still a gamble at the end of the day depending on who is helping you with strategy and optimization PLUS, there is a better way altogether.

Believe it or not, (nonbelievers can check out our free trial and see it for themselves) we can actually take up to 50% of your anonymous website visitor data, and turn it into cold, hard, marketable emails OR we can identify the businesses that are on your site, and what they are doing there.

That's great for a couple of reasons, and no...spamming your web visitors is not one of them.

  1. We DO believe that you can tactfully email your web visitors without spamming them, and we have great data to show how effective it can be! Depending on whether or not you already engage in email marketing to your customers and prospects, there are a few ways we can integrate these new emails into your overall marketing and sales strategy. From sending an automated "thanks for visiting" message to them, asking for an opt-in to your e-club, to automatically creating a lead record in your favorite CRM and assigning it to a sales rep for followup and everything between, we can help you leverage this data, and bring prospects down the sales funnel faster than ever before.

  2. Imagine being able to reduce the amount you currently spend on retargeting by creating an "exclusion" list from our identified contacts! After all, you can now target them directly in their email inbox to much greater success, so why pay to hit them with more social ads? We are talking immediate savings of 30-50% that you can more effectively use on other ad channels or audiences -or serve up to 50% more impressions to your unidentified site visitors.

Curious how it all really works?

Check out our free infographic by clicking here, and then get in touch to set up your free trial to see for yourself how we can give you "OPT-IN" email addresses, or business leads, that are fully marketable!

For our B2B organizations, we also have an amazing self-service portal that reveals any business that has visited your website. Sign up @ to learn more and to get a free trial and free leads!

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