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Supercharge Your Salesforce Experience with the Summer '23 Sales Engagement Updates

In the fast-paced world of CRM solutions, Salesforce continues to lead the charge with its consistent and innovative updates. The Summer '23 release for Sales Engagement is here, and it brings a suite of enhancements designed to optimize your sales process, improve prospect engagement, and provide greater control over your sales operations. Let's explore these updates and how they can benefit your business.

Precision in Cadence Step Timing

The Summer '23 update introduces new fields on email, call, LinkedIn, custom, and listener steps in Salesforce Sales Engagement. These fields allow you to precisely control when each step starts and when it becomes overdue. This enhancement provides a more granular level of control over your sales cadences, enabling you to optimize your engagement strategy and ensure timely follow-ups. For instance, you can now schedule an email step to start first thing on Monday morning, ensuring your message lands at the top of your prospect's inbox as they start their week.

Simplified Cadence Structure - retiring Wait Steps!

Salesforce is always striving to make its platform more intuitive and efficient. In line with this goal, the Cadence Wait Steps are being retired, and timing fields are being introduced in the next step. This change simplifies the cadence structure and reduces the number of steps, making cadence authoring faster and more streamlined. This means less time spent on cadence management and more time for your sales team to focus on engaging with prospects and closing deals.

In Summer '23, when editing cadences, the Cadence Builder will prompt authors to replace wait steps with the timing fields in the next step. Authors can’t save changes to cadences containing wait steps. In Winter '24, remaining wait steps will be automatically converted to use the Start This Step field on the action steps that follow each wait step.

Empowering Sales Reps with Task Assignment Control

Every sales rep has their unique working style and rhythm. Recognizing this, Salesforce has introduced a feature that allows users to set their Cadence Assignment Availability in their profile. This means that sales reps can choose when cadence tasks are assigned to them, preventing tasks from becoming overdue during times when they are not working on cadences. This feature empowers your sales team with more control over their work, leading to improved productivity and job satisfaction.

Boosting Engagement with Quick Cadences

Consistent engagement with prospects is key to building strong relationships and closing deals. The new update allows users to set a quick cadence to repeat its action for a length of time or until the desired engagement occurs. This feature can help maintain a steady rhythm of communication with prospects, improving engagement rates and helping to build stronger relationships.

Gaining Insights with the Engagement History Field

The new Engagement History field provides a comprehensive view of all outbound activities and inbound engagement for the past 30 days. This feature provides valuable insights into your engagement patterns, helping you to identify the most effective strategies and the best times to reach out.

Discovering Active Cadences

New fields on cadence records show detailed usage statistics for each cadence. Managers can use this information to compare and improve their cadences, leading to more effective sales strategies.

Speeding Up Common Cadence Tasks with Automated Actions

Managers can save their teams time by creating automated actions for their reps. Automated actions can perform cadence target management tasks without user interaction. This feature can save valuable time and streamline the sales process.

User Control Over Automated Actions

Users now have more control over how their automated actions work. Users can now set up actions to show a reminder prompting them to decide whether to perform the action. These reminders appear in the Automated Action Reminders component on records that trigger an action.

Quick Search in the To Do List

The new search field in the To Do List allows users to quickly find specific items, helping them prioritize tasks and act on the most important items.

Managing Orchestration Work Items in the To Do List

Users can now view and initiate work items created by flow orchestrations in their To Do List. Now even more of a user’s tasks are available to manage and act upon in the# Salesforce Summer '23 Sales Engagement Updates: Empowering Your Business

Accelerate Sales Cycles with a Buyer Assistant (Beta)

In the Summer '23 release, Salesforce introduces a beta feature that could revolutionize your sales process: the Buyer Assistant. This feature delivers personalized conversations and generates qualified leads, transforming the web-to-lead experience and helping you build customer relationships at scale. Each buyer assistant includes dialogs and automation flows designed to streamline sales. For example, a buyer assistant can pitch your products’ value to customers after business hours, gather customer information, and schedule customer meetings. You can also personalize Buyer Assistant bots to meet your specific business needs. With a guided onboarding experience, you can get a buyer assistant for web up and running quickly. This feature could significantly accelerate your sales cycles by engaging prospects effectively and efficiently.

In conclusion, the Salesforce Summer '23 Sales Engagement updates are a testament to Salesforce's commitment to continually enhance its platform to meet the evolving needs of businesses. These updates offer a wealth of opportunities to optimize your sales process, improve prospect engagement, and gain greater control over your sales operations. By leveraging these enhancements, businesses can not only streamline their sales activities but also drive more meaningful engagements with their prospects. As we navigate this ever-evolving digital landscape, staying abreast of such updates is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge. At The Lodestone Group, we're here to help you navigate these changes and harness the full potential of Salesforce. Stay tuned for more insights and updates!

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25. Nov. 2023

Fantastic breakdown of the Summer '23 Sales Engagement Updates! Your blog captures the essence of the enhancements. Considering the evolving Salesforce landscape, the idea of incorporating Salesforce Managed Support for ongoing optimization is intriguing. Well done!

Thanks - Salesforce Managed Support Consultant in Denver

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