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Salesforce Maps

Quick Start Package


Completion Timeline:

Approximately 1-2 Weeks

Contact Us or email for more information.

Embark on a journey of spatially enabled success with our Salesforce Maps Quick Start Package. Tailored to enhance your geographical insights and on-field operations, this package is a gateway to optimized territory planning, intelligent route optimization, and enriched customer interactions.

Whether navigating through complex territorial data, aiming to boost field sales productivity, or desiring a closer connection with your on-field service teams, our solution lays a clear and efficient roadmap.

With a stellar rating on Salesforce AppExchange, we are dedicated to equipping your business with intuitive, location-based intelligence. Dive in now, and take the initial stride towards a geographically enlightened business operation.

Project Kickoff and Business Process Reviews

  • Kickstart your journey with our expert team. We'll outline the implementation plan, introduce you to our Salesforce specialists, and ensure seamless access to your Salesforce org.

Maps Configuration

  • We'll create up to 5 data layers that you can plot in Salesforce Maps

  • We'll configure hover fields with relevant related lists so data is easily accessible

  • We'll configure transportation mode, routing optimization, and scheduling functionality

  • We'll assign permissions to the appropriate users based on your requirements

Maps Customization

  • We'll setup 2 routes for optimization, with up to 50 stops per route.

  • We'll create a folder structure for storage and sharing

  • We'll configure units of measurement, default radius, markers, and shape

Maps Training and Enablement

  • We'll provide an overview of your implementation, and schedule up to 2 one-hour training sessions

  • We'll help users maximize features like creating favorite locations, default start/end locations

  • We'll train users on how to create new Marker Layers from Base objects

Ongoing ROI Analysis

  • We'll follow-up 30 days after implementation and training to analyze the value you're receiving from Salesforce Maps. These are great feedback sessions to continue driving ROI from your Salesforce Maps investment as you grow.

Support Documentation and Training Resources

  • We will curate and distribute relevant support documentation and training resources to help you take full ownership of Salesforce Maps internally

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