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Elevate your sales trajectory with our Sales Cloud Quick Start Package, now enriched with cutting-edge Account Engagement features.


Crafted to redefine your sales ecosystem, this all-inclusive suite harmonizes personalized lead management, strategic account configuration, and data-driven opportunity tracking into a singular, potent formula.

Our approach is meticulously tailored to align with your unique business landscape, offering a swift and cost-efficient avenue to exponential growth. Whether your goals are to magnify lead acquisition, accelerate revenue generation, or optimize operational efficiency, this package serves as your cornerstone for transformational outcomes.

Experience Salesforce's capabilities in a new dimension, integrating not just sales but also marketing automation and customer engagement. Embark on a transformative journey that converts potential into measurable performance, and aspirations into tangible success.

Sales Cloud + Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Quick Start Package


Completion Timeline:

Approximately 4-6 Weeks

Contact Us or email for more information.

Project Kickoff and Business Process Reviews

  • Kickstart your journey with our expert team. We'll outline the implementation plan, introduce you to our Salesforce specialists, and ensure seamless access to your Salesforce org.

Lead Personalization & Einstein Activity Capture

  • Transform your lead management. We'll tailor Salesforce to help you record and qualify prospects swiftly and efficiently, boosting your conversion rates.

  • We'll integrate your teams email and calendar data to Salesforce, unlocking new AI insights and supercharging productivity.

Account Configuration

  • Optimize your account management. We'll configure Salesforce to capture essential business details, streamlining your sales process and enhancing relationships.

Contact Customization

  • Personalize your contacts. We'll customize Salesforce to manage vital details, empowering your sales team to close deals with precision and insight.

Opportunity Configuration

  • Unlock your sales potential. We'll configure opportunities in Salesforce, providing clear insights into your pipeline, win rates, competitors, and sales stages.

  • We will enable Pipeline Inspection and Collaborative Forecasting, setting the stage for predictable revenue growth

Salesforce Sales Cloud Training

  • We’ll perform a custom, one-hour webinar data import training session to train on importing leads, accounts, and contacts in Salesforce.

  • We'll train you on how to find, update, and create data, reports, dashboards, and segmented list views.

  • We'll demonstrate how to manage projects and tasks using Salesforce

Technical Setup

  • We'll setup your custom website tracking pixel to monitor and record visitor activity

Salesforce Integration

  • We'll install and enable the connector for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Marketing Asset and Integration Setup

  • Create one email template

  • Set up one landing page

  • One form or form handler

  • Create one segmentation list

Engagement Studio Configuration

  • Salesforce Engagement Studio is a feature within Salesforce Pardot that allows marketing professionals to build, visualize, test, and measure multi-touch marketing campaigns. Think of it as a control center for your marketing automation efforts, where you can map out the entire customer journey from the first touchpoint to conversion and beyond.

  • We'll include one drip-campaign of your choice. 

Salesforce Engage Setup

  • Salesforce Engage is a feature within the Salesforce Pardot marketing automation platform designed to empower sales teams with marketing-approved content and insights. It bridges the gap between sales and marketing departments, enabling sales reps to execute their own personalized marketing campaigns while also providing them with real-time customer engagement data.

  • We'll setup Salesforce Engage, enabling your Sales reps to go to market with approved marketing materials while being fully tuned-in to current Marketing initiatives.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Training

  • We’ll partner with you to create up to 3 1-hour guided trainings on how to navigate and manage your Marketing Cloud Account Engagement instance.

  • We'll provide you with additional learning resources, powered by Trailhead!

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